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For less than $1 a day you can now order up to 5 Custom Tailored Lead Capture Pages for your business.


A) Upon placing an order you will get up to 5 custom designed lead capture pages for your business.

B) Each lead capture page is further customizable. This is done by uploading a personal photograph and adding your contact information (your name, email address and phone number).

C) Your customized lead capture pages will be hosted on (You may further customize your lead capture page's URL by purchasing domain names and forwarding them to your custom landing pages). All leads captured by your personalized lead capture page will be autoimported to your personal lead management console. Our revolutionary lead management console lets you sort leads and setup meetings. You may also setup reminders/appointments, setup and utilize up to 7 AutoResponder messages, plus much more!

D) In addition to generating traffic to your personalized lead capture pages, MLMLeadSpecialist will continue to provide you the ability to order effective, inexpensive but targeted traffic and custom lead packages.

*In order to maintain the integrity of our lead management system you may NOT manually load leads/prospect lists, you are prohibited from using bulk email advertising services with the exception of, you are prohibited from using popup/popunder advertising services.

Our Features

  Custom Designed Landing Pages   Custom Leads for your Business   Autoresponder
  SMS Notification on Lead Arrival   Ability to Setup Meetings/Appt.   SMS Meeting/Task Reminders
  Ability to Export Contacts   No Long Term Contracts   No Setup Fees
  Contact Manager (Sort Leads)   Email Notification on Lead Arrival   Telephone/Email Support
  Email Meeting/Task Reminders   Autoimport to PhoneBurner    

Page Previews:

If Custom Landing Pages are not available for your business, then CLICK HERE to request a FREE Consultation.

Lifevantage Specific Landing Pages - $29.95/month


Talk Fusion Specific Landing Pages - $29.95/month


Salu International Landing Pages - $29.95/month


Hi-5 Travel Club Landing Pages - $29.95/month


Momentis Landing Pages - $29.95/month


Independence Energy Alliance Landing Pages - $29.95/month


Generic Landing Pages - $29.95/month


ROI Specific Landing Pages - $29.95/month


**Renews automatically at the end of each month