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When you’re recruiting for your business, you naturally need to discuss money. Particularly, asking your prospects ‘WHY’ they want more money, or a business.

We don’t talk about money openly. In some situations, it’s considered crass, so it’s not something we’re necessarily used to – in uncomfortable.

You might feel pushy, but more likely, you just don’t feel comfortable asking. Because it feels unnatural, makes sense, right? To be successful in MLM, you need to get comfortable asking, or get slowed W A Y down.

Let’s look at how this often unfolds. You’re talking to a prospect who says they’re looking for more time, or money, or both. Instead, converse with them, open them up by telling them your story. You say: Oh it get it!

I wanted to replace my income so I didn’t have to put my kids in daycare. That was never my first choice, but I had to work – we needed the money in our budget. That’s why I started this business.  What about you, what do you want the extra money to do for you?

It Becomes a Conversation
Now, you’re having a dialogue, just a conversation. You both talk, but you mostly want to listen. Still, you use your story and situation to put them at ease, to open up a bit, to “get” that you’re a regular person, just like they are.

If you’re genuinely interested in people (and you better be if you want to build a successful MLM business), and you can wrap your mind around the idea of having conversations as opposed to talking AT your prospects, it will easier and more relaxed for you – and for them.

You can relax into it, enjoy it. People share the most amazing things with strangers (you!) if you are genuinely engaged and ask good questions.

They Know You’re Interested
When you ask people questions, they sense your interest. When you listen patiently, not rushing ahead to the next question, or your answer, they believe in your interest. Questions show you’re curious, not pushy.

If you can start to think of the recruiting process as an interview, one where you’re trying to find out about the person, you’ll relax into the conversation.

Too often, we pin too much hope on each and every prospecting call. We want new business partners, and so our expectations get out of control. If someone isn’t interested, we worry. Am I saying/doing/thinking the right thing? Am I any good at this? Will it work?

Years ago, I heard something that has stuck with me ever since: If you’re willing to bad at it long enough, you’ll become great at it and you’ll become wealthy in the process. Financial independence is worth working for. In our business, the work is talking to people, making the calls and getting better as you.

It WILL happen for you. Trust the process, and most of all, trust yourself.

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