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Most MLM experts agree that recruiting is the lifeblood of your business. If you accept that premise, then the logical next step is getting really good at recruiting!

And, if you’ve read this column before, you know we’re advocates of learning and in that process, figuring out what strengths you possess and which ones you need to learn, or improve.

Too often people get into our business and expect to be an instant expert, or at least pretty damn capable. When you think about it, that’s just not logical. You wouldn’t start any other job or career and expect to automatically “know the ropes.” You’d look to more experienced people to help you get up to speed, learn the shortcuts and then you’d practice.

And, you’d expect to practice. And, you’d expect to get better as you practice. And, you will.

That said, and assuming you’re willing to accept that you need to learn and refine your skills, let’s talk about what you should accomplish in your recruiting.

First, every call must achieve four key things:

  • Establish Purpose
  • Determine if They’re a Valid Prospect
  • Get Their Buy in to Review Information (whatever tool you use, video, website, etc.)
  • Set a CONCRETE Follow Up Time (Tuesday the 13th at 4:30, not just Tuesday and not in a couple of days or next week or tomorrow afternoon.) Being specific is critical

Let’s Take a Closer Look…

When you call a lead, you know you have someone who has expressed interest in a business opportunity. It’s best then, to reiterate that fact with a simple question:

Purpose: Jane, you expressed interest in a home-based business.

Validity: Tell me, what’s got you looking right now?

Then, be quiet and let Jane answer. You may be surprised by how much – or how little – Jane tells you. It’ll give you a sense of who she is and whether she seems like a good people person.

Buy-in: Once you hear about Jane, it’s your turn to give your short, prepared and practiced short overview of what you’re doing, and the company you represent. Once you’ve given your one or two-minute overview (yes, you really should get it this short), you ask Jane: “Does this sound like something you’d like to know more about?”

If she says yes, you explain what you’ll be expecting her to do. For example: “Jane, I have an 18-minute video I’d like you to review. Once you’ve watched it, I’d like us to talk again, answer your questions and see if you want to take next steps. Does that work for you?

HER YES ANSWER IS YOUR BUY IN. If she says no, thank her for her time and make the next dial.

Follow Up: Now, you ask Jane: when will you have 18 minutes in the next day or two to review the video? Get very specific, because you want to follow up as soon as possible. In fact, you want this whole process to happen quickly, so you might even ask her if she can do that right now and you’ll call back in 20 minutes.

Regardless of when she says she can look; you want to make an appointment as close to that time as possible. If she says tomorrow evening, you say: “Great. Can we talk at 8:15 tomorrow night and you can give me your feedback?”

If you repeat this process, every single day you’re working on your business, you’ll fill your pipeline. And, a full pipeline has prospects falling out of the pipeline and into your business. Start dialing!

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