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OK, this is the second time I’ve said this to you this month: MLM is the business model everyone loves to hate. You’ve felt it in one way or another. You’ve thought it yourself, or you’ve heard other people make nasty comments.

I heard one just the other day, tossed off casually by someone who had just decided the whole thing was Mickey Mouse, amateur-ish. He didn’t know who he was sitting next to! I very politely leaned over and asked him “did you have a bad experience with an MLM company?”

Nope. He didn’t. But he had heard….you know where this is going. As a proud ambassador for the industry, I explained how the business model works and why it was so smart and sensible. He raised an eyebrow, nodded his head and at the end said “Wow, I never realized how it works – thanks for taking the time to explain.”

I think there are conversations like that waiting to be had for you! It’s a question of finding what you believe in, what you admire and love about the business model and telling yourself – and others – exactly what that is.

A wise older gentleman I greatly respect has taught his employees, his family and his friends (who would listen!) about Positive Mental Attitude. They call him the PMA man and each has a story about how his words impacted their lives.

His belief is that you have to create your own reality. Henry Ford is famously quoted as saying: “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” Same idea. It may sound trite, or corny, even played out.

The truth is simple. It’s up to you. How your business works, whether it works, how long it takes. I don’t mean to minimize how you feel. It’s not easy. Hey, if it was, everyone would be building a successful business. Most are not. Make yourself stand out by taking a stand for what you believe in.

  • Focus on your view of MLM reality and share that with those who will listen

Talk to enough people and you’ll find those who agree

  • Achieve success by working with those who share your vision and are willing to go out and do something about it
  • Get results by making up your mind to be persistent
  • Never back down on your goals – you owe it to yourself to be successful

Remember, if you can make $100 in your business, you can make $100,000. It’s a question of repeating the actions that earned you the $100.

You must be true to yourself and become successful. In spite of other people. Let me say that again – IN SPITE OF OTHER PEOPLE. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, or does, or doesn’t do. Stay true to your mission and what you believe in and you’ll be successful. It doesn’t have to easy, it just has to be worth it.

What could be more worthwhile than building a solid MLM business that gives you freedom, confidence and choice? Go get ‘em.

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