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In our last article Is Your Business Vision Helping or Hurting You? I promised I would unpack the “money and goals issue” we all face in MLM.

I talked about making a first goal you can easily wrap your mind around, as opposed to something so big (and something you’ve never done before – or even come close to) that it’s completely abstract – almost a fantasy.

Choose something really tangible, like covering your monthly mortgage or rent payment. There’s an important subconscious element at play. If your subconscious mind can accept the amount you’ve decided to shoot for, it becomes easier to do. If it seems outrageous, it stays in that zone, and never gets accomplished.

Here’s the incredible news: getting to that mortgage payment on a consistent basis is the stepping stone to making ANY amount of money you want with your business.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at How the Money Works

In MLM it’s actually easier to get from $2 thousand dollars in earnings in a month to $5 thousand a month than it is to get to the $2 thousand month the first time. It’s also easier to get from $5 thousand to $10 thousand or more than it is to get to that first $2 thousand. Sound crazy?

Let’s do a breakdown and see…

Consider this. When you start – brand new – you don’t much about how the business works or how to reach your financial goals. That means you need to take a learning curve. We love that you can earn while you learn in MLM, but it takes some time to build the skills you need to make it work. And, you must take the skill building very seriously. Look, nothing has this much money and doesn’t require some heavy lifting. It’s not easy. So what!?

You need to take a learning curve on the early side of your business. There’s just no way around that. Even if you’ve been in the industry before, technology changes, how we do business changes and you still need to learn about your products and services, and how the company culture works.

Let’s choose a round number and say your mortgage (and your goal) is $2000/month. To get there, you’ve first got to earn $100, then $1000. Obvious, I know. But here’s the KEY: to earn $1000 you will have learned most of the skills needed to earn $10,000!

Most people get frustrated, thinking they should be making money quickly. You’d never expect that in any other business or profession, but you think MLM should be somehow hydraulic. It is – but first you must build a team. Building the team to the $1000/month mark PROVES you can build. Now, you just have to scale.

Yes, it’s that simple. The key take-away is pretty simple: you need to be patient enough to develop the skills to pay your mortgage. Multiply that and you can live any lifestyle you want – it just a matter of time. I challenge you to show me any other business where this equation works for anyone with a little grit and determination. MLM Rocks! Don’t forget it. Stand proud, defend your industry and you’ll be on your way to owning your life, and your time – in style if you choose.

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