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I’ll never forget the downline team member I trained years ago. Early in the conversation I always asked people about their financial goals and what they were hoping to accomplish with their business.

This woman was very enthusiastic and she said wanted to make $250,000 her first year. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard a big number. In the early days, I’d write down their goals to discuss later, but I’d just keep moving on with the training.

After I became more experienced, I added another question of anyone who stated a big financial goal. I’d ask them if they ever made that kind of money before. Often they’d say they hadn’t. I learned to dig deeper.

It was bold, but I asked this particular woman: What is the most money you’ve ever made in a year? Her answer? $25,000. OK. I asked her what her plan was to make ten times the largest amount she had ever made.

She didn’t know. That seemed fair. After all she was new to the business. Since she wasn’t a direct recruit, her sponsor was on the training call too. I would typically check in with both of them on another group call in the new person’s third week.

When that call came, the woman told us she was quitting. She told us it had been three weeks and she hadn’t made much money and she didn’t see how this could possibly work!

We’d argue that it’s good to get out of your comfort zone. However, when you choose a financial goal so far out of your comfort that you don’t believe it’s possible, it’s really not a goal, it’s a fantasy. I’ve seen way too many people drop out of the business because they’ve set unrealistic goals they don’t actually believe in.

How about a goal of replacing your income to start? Or how about making enough to cover a certain recurring expense, then adding more? Say you make a goal to make enough money to pay your housing costs (mortgage or rent). That would be a significant achievement.

It’s not abstract, so you can wrap your mind around it. How would you feel if your mortgage was covered every month OUTSIDE your current budget? Pretty great, I’m guessing.

Next week we’ll unpack the money and goals issue and tell you why making enough money to pay your mortgage is a huge step on the way to earning ANY amount you desire.

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