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If you’ve been following us, you may be familiar with our expression “MLM, network marketing and direct sales are the business models everyone loves to hate.”

How do you handle that challenge when your success depends on talking about the business model to prospects?

Let me ask you: How do you react when someone asks you about the business model? Or, when they dismiss your offer without giving you the time to explain, thinking they already know all they need to know.


That’s where you come in – it’s also where recruiting gets REALLY interesting. When you confidently master speaking about the business model, your business changes, forever.

You already know it’s difficult to talk about something with confidence, unless you genuinely believe in it yourself.

How The Leaders Do It

Do you ever listen to how the leaders in your company talk about the business? They sound sure of themselves and exude confidence and certainty. It’s easy to assume they talk and feel that way because of their success. Sure, if you’re making in a month what someone else makes in a year, it’s easy to be confident, right?

Hell yeah. And…

I assure you, they had that confidence in the early days and that’s how they go to where they are today. So how do you get the confidence without faking it?

You Must Find Your Truth, and Tell it

Take a look at our article archives to find some great reason to believe in the MLM business model. Using those, or anything else, find what really speaks to you. Put together a short statement, refine it until it sounds like you, and then repeat it. Over and over.  To yourself in the mirror, to your kids, your spouse, your cat and your dog. Say it so many times that it comes naturally to you.

Then tell it! Talk to prospects, talk to other business partners. Become an advocate for your view of our business model. This one action will do so much for you.

It will:

  • Grow your confidence
  • Build your belief
  • Attract great business partners

When you don’t have a statement like this and talk to prospects, you sound uncertain and people don’t get into business with uncertainty.

When you DO have a statement you can use, you can talk with authority and that impresses people.

Whenever anyone has negative things to say about your business model, you defend it. Not by being defensive, but rather, by being sure. As a wise 92-year-old business person said to me recently: say what you believe often enough and it becomes your reality.

Life is too short to compromise your integrity and to say things you don’t really believe. That’s why it’s critical to find what you do believe and say it loud, and proud and oftenhy it’s critical to find what you do believe and say it loud, and proud and often.
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