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The debate’s been going on for years – lead with your business or lead with your product? I’ve heard impassioned arguments for both, so what’s the answer? Does it depend on the company? On the person who’s asking or the person being asked?

If you approach the question from a business perspective, you might ask which is more financially productive? Let’s unpack this a bit. (Please insert service for product if that’s relevant for you – the argument remains the same).

The company you represent makes money when product is moved. You also make money when product is moved. So, product drives the machine. If no value is being exchanged, there’s no business. Yet, our business model is built on the assumption that we have a network of distributors, each with their own network of customers.

The more people in your network of business people, the more people there are talking about the products you represent, hence more product is being moved. It stands to reason then you want to build an ‘army’ of representatives, to move the most product.

I’ve always believed that if you lead with the business, you can default to the product, much more easily than you can the reverse. Think about it for a moment. Say I talk to you about an incredible supplement that’s delivered fantastic results for people. I fill in all the details and you say, “hmmm, that sounds like something I’d really like to try.”

Score. I’ve got an interested customer.

Now, is it at all logical to follow with: “great, so would you like to start a business and make money telling other people about XYZ?” It comes completely out of left field. Liking a product and starting a business are two very different, disconnected concepts. As my friend Sharon used to say “It’s like going to the car dealer to look at cars and they try and sell you the showroom…”

If I approach you with the business – you’re either interested in an opportunity or you aren’t. To share the business concept, I’ve of course talked about the products, the integrity of the company, how the concept came to be. You’ve got the big picture, but you say to me “you know, I have so much on my plate right now, I don’t have time to throw a dinner party, never mind start a business.”

It makes perfect sense then, for me to say to you “I get it – life can get crazy sometimes. But, you know, XYZ will really help with your energy, why not give it a try…” More natural and makes more sense, doesn’t it?

If you lead with the business, you can default to the product. And, many a leader will tell you that leading with the product (or service!) builds hobby money, but leading with the business is what creates wealth.

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