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Think back to when you first wrapped your mind around the MLM concept and felt that little spark of hope and excitement. Let’s throw fuel on that spark and light a fire!

Our business model is getting more and more positive press. As the way society works shifts and expectations of what ‘work looks like’ changes, people are searching for alternatives to traditional employment and – in parallel – network marketing companies are becoming more sophisticated. MLM companies around the globe are coming into their own as major players on the stage of world business.

As companies become more sophisticated and streamlined, they’re attracting more experienced business people and all of these factors are fostering more respect for our brilliant industry. Finally, respect for the model where ambition is more valued than background, and success can be written on your own terms.

“Mad Money” market guru Jim Cramer told his CNBC viewers “It’s time we recognize that the direct sales model works, and it works well.”

The New Main Street supplement to the Wall Street Journal, reported double digit sales growth by a full one third of direct selling companies, resulting in $167 billion dollars in sales by 89.7 million representatives!

Direct Selling News reports that “direct selling is a bonanza in developing countries. Many of these economies are expanding and their appetite for consumer goods grow and previously underemployed women – who have historically been the foundation of many direct sales organizations are prospering, thanks to newfound economic opportunities.”

They also report how technology is changing the entire landscape of our industry. Apps, and the prevalence of devices allows distributors to prospect, train and support their teams in new, highly effective ways.

Mass communication allows independent reps to tell their story more effectively, and more often. It allows companies to pay commissions more quickly and allows everyone to connect with and care for customers more easily. As more social relationships are conducted online, reaching more people has become easier than ever. Direct selling is the ultimate social selling model, and technology is redefining the general perception of the entire industry.

As the image of the industry changes, and perceptions change too, more and more well-known and respected financial advisors are recommending MLM, direct sales and network marketing as a viable alternative that only offers great products and opportunity. The industry is also becoming recognized as providing work and life balance, business ownership and personal development.

The added benefit that doesn’t get much press is getting to spend your time with ambitious, motivated, entrepreneurial people. You’ll make the best friends you’ll find anywhere when you participate in the business model that’s all about helping people get ahead. If you ever wanted to find a business where you could do well, by doing good, you’ve arrived.

Be proud of your business, your company and your decision to change your life. There are SO many reasons to be proud of what you’ve chosen. Use these facts – share with the next person you talk to about becoming a partner.

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