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We talk a lot about being coachable in MLM. What does it really mean and how can you be an effective coach?

At every stage of your network marketing career – even when you’re new in the business, you’re called on to coach and advise your brand new team members. You probably feel a sense of responsibility, and maybe a sense of relief. Admit it, the relief comes from having something else to do besides prospect!

Have you seen – or experienced this before? You get a new builder signed up. You’re excited. And, sometimes it’s been a long process and you’re relieved the prospecting portion has ended and the business building journey can begin.

What do you tell your new person to do?

Do you have a set plan for them to follow? Daily tasks to accomplish? Whether you’re new or have been around for a while, you may feel you need to have achieved a certain level of success to mentor others.

You worry if they follow your path they might not get everything they need, or realize huge success. Maybe they’re someone who’s been more successful than you and you’re not sure what value you can offer.

STOP. RIGHT. THERE. Don’t second guess yourself. Let me remind you this is a business of duplication. It’s not about what you’ve accomplished, or how much money you’ve made. Getting a new partner started is about following a plan.

You may not like this next part, but please, be truthful with yourself in answering this question: if everyone on your team (or your team to be) did exactly what you’ve done in your business in the last month, would you be thrilled or mortified?

If you’re not doing much – mortified. If you’re working your tail off – thrilled. See where I’m going here? You have to ROLE MODEL the behavior you want to see repeated. People do what you do, not what you say. Every time. If you have kids, check it out – they demonstrate the principal very obviously.

That means you want to be “AT” the activities you want to see repeated. And, consider that people are used to receiving directions. Most of us are used to jobs, where someone shows you the ropes, and tells you what’s expected of you.

You can do the exact same thing. People aren’t looking at what you’ve achieved so much as they’re thinking about what you can help them achieve. Lock onto a plan –either provided by your company or your upline team and follow it to a “T.”

Sure, you might be nervous the first time or two, but you’ll relax and grow confident as you see how your new partners are not only excited to have a plan to follow, they actually achieve success because you had the courage to lead.

Be bold. You have nothing to lose and a lucrative business to gain. Here’s to you!

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