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Last week we talked about filling your pipeline. Today, I want you to think about committing to the number of calls you’re going to make in the next month. Set a high goal and make a push. It’s critically important that you’re consistent in your business and make as many ‘inviting’ calls as your schedule allows. But, every now and again, you can amp up your efforts for much better results.

We’ve seen this work consistently well over the years: choose several periods during the year where you make an extra effort – for two to four weeks. It helps build your paycheck faster – the focus and effort to growing your pipeline by talking to more people in a short window of time means you have more people looking at and considering your business.

And, it’s just a plain fact – the more people you have looking, the more people who will get started with you. The truth about lead calling is it doesn’t take as much time as you might think. And, making periodic pushes creates a momentum that infuses real energy and into your business. It’s a game changer.

Do You Have One Hour? You Can Make Massive Strides

If you make just ONE HOUR of calls every day – consistently over time – you WILL achieve success. Wait! Before you’re tempted to think about your frustration with your success, or why you can’t make a push, I want you to be very honest with yourself and answer this question:

“If everyone in my company was doing what I was doing (the amount of work, phone calls and effort you’re putting in week to week), would they be successful?”

Procrastination is a human default mode. We can’t help it – it’s how we’re wired. And, especially if we’re not expert or have doubts about our abilities – we put things off!

I want you to think about anything you learned over time. If you’re a decent cook, did you start that way? Or did you have to mess up a few dishes, burn some food, throw away what you had hoped would be a great meal and order pizza a couple of times? Of course you did.

What about learning a sport? Could you go out on the tennis court your first day, and play a winning game? Probably not. With practice and a good teacher do you think you could at least play decently if you kept at it? Or if you’re not athletic, how about a computer program to make your work easier? It’s not easy at first, but if you take the time to learn, you improve and it makes your life easier. Do you agree?
Then, be willing to be a novice in your business. Be willing to build your skills. Be willing to be a beginner – even if you’ve been in your business a while, be a beginner in a new skill. Most importantly, make a commitment to the number of leads you’re going to call and just get it done.

Not only will you feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment, you’ll find that you start recruiting great people who recruit other people and your team builds. Don’t worry about the YESes or the NOs, just get busy calling.

I guarantee this: you will improve, your business will build and you’ll discover that it’s consistent effort over time that makes you money and brings you freedom. You can do it. I know you can. Will you commit?

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