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Let’s look at a common misconception about the MLM business model, by putting it on the table and taking a closer look. It’s a much better approach than pretending they don’t exist. We want you have ready answers and feel empowered when people say, “Oh yeah, unless you get in early, you can’t make any money” OR: Isn’t it just some kind of pyramid?”

If you don’t have ready answers, you feel uncomfortable. You can start doubting your own wisdom and feel very uneasy, awkward or worse. That’s not the position we want to see you in. Ever. We want you to be empowered and feel confident and competent when you’re talking to people about your business.

Common Misconceptions
Let’s start with this one: the person at the top makes all the money. That ties neatly into the pyramid objection. In corporate America the person at the top makes all the money. That’s usually the CEO. There’s only one CEO. That person is at the top of the corporate pyramid and makes the most money. It’s a structure that we all accept.

Theoretically, the CEO is taking more risks. They have more years invested in training and education. They have valuable years of experience in the industry and/or with the company. Add to that an advanced degree or maybe a business connection that was helpful. Whatever the case for that person, we accept this structure as a normal, workable and fair situation. It’s ‘the way it works’.

That’s the corporate system, which is structured like a pyramid, which happens to be one of the most stable structures in existence. There is nothing inherently wrong with a pyramid! In network marketing, the person that gets to the top is the person that works the hardest (well really, the smartest).

Some people may think there’s luck involved. There’s an old idea batting around that someone just brought in a great person or two and those people did all the work. I guarantee you; the great people don’t just fall in with anybody. There’s not a lot of luck involved, just like there isn’t in most things. Not to say you can’t catch a lucky break but this is not about luck. This is about skill and building your experience over time. It’s about commitment and staying the course.

The top producers in any given company change year to year and very often, the top earning person doesn’t even come in until the company is in its fourth, fifth, sixth year of operation, sometimes even later. Things can shift very quickly and there a number of factors that influence who’s at the top and why. And, it’s not at all true that the person at the top makes all the money. What is true: the person who works the hard and smart gets the biggest rewards and that’s a fair business model. It’s an ethical system – the most level playing field you’ll find anywhere.

It’s Just a Method Of Distribution….
Network marketing, direct sales and MLM are simply methods of distribution. Think of how the products and services are distributed in these models. We’re simply cutting out the middlemen. The product is going directly from me or you to the end user.

All the money that would otherwise be paid to the middlemen who serve valid functions along the supply chain – is paid to you in the form of commissions.

Why? Because you’re the one who took the time to explain the product or service. You’re the one who provides ongoing customer service and support. In our industry, customer service is king. When you get someone interested in your product or service, you’re going to explain it to them, usually in great detail.

You’re going to tell them about all the benefits and serve as their personal service agent and liaison with the company. You’ll make sure that they know just what your product or service will do for them and that they know how to use it. You’ll make sure it gets delivered to them and follow up when needed. You can’t buy that kind of commitment and dedication, but you can find entrepreneurs who see the value…

In a typical corporation, it’s not unusual for 50 or 60 percent, sometimes even a greater percent of the profits to go back into a marketing, advertising and PR budget. A lot of that money is spent for brand awareness, just to get the product name in front of people. In our business model we take that same 50 or 60 percent and instead of investing in TV campaigns and newspaper ads or social media, we pay that back to the people in the field for sharing information about the product. Plain and simple. It’s fair, it’s ethical, it works, it makes sense. You can – and should – be very proud to be part of it.

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