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You’ve no doubt heard the cliché – we were given two ears and one mouth because we should listen twice as much as we talk…

Are you guilty of talking more than you listen? Social scientists tell us that whether or not we want to admit it, the truth for most of us is we are our own favorite subject, topic and point of interest.

And, funnily enough, research reveals that the people most of us like best are the ones who ask us about ourselves. The people who listen to what we have to say. We find that in networking, especially when people get nervous or are a bit intimidated, they tend to talk more than they listen. If you can develop your ability to listen and ask questions, you’ll increase your income.

That’s true no matter what business you’re in. However, in network marketing, people often have the goal of communicating their concept and they get so caught up in delivering the message that they can forget to spend time asking the qualifying questions.

You want to spend a little time to warm up your prospects – get to know them a bit, and understand what makes them tick, what they might be looking for, or might be interested in looking at.

Try a few of these questions, and see if you don’t get further with your prospects:

If there was one thing you could change about your current financial situation, what would that be?

What would your ideal workplace be?

What would your ideal workday look like?

Could you see yourself working like that?

Do you keep your options open? If something came along that would allow you to achieve that ideal situation would you look at it?

What would you do differently if you had an extra $1-2 thousand dollars every month?

How would that impact you (or your family?)

Listen to the answers and don’t jump in right away with the solution. Try instead to respond with: That’s interesting – tell me more about that. Or: Thanks for telling me that – I’m trying to learn more about what’s important to people who are looking for a home-based business.

Then, after you get a sense of whether they might be a fit, and someone you’d want to work with, tell them about your opportunity. This gives you the upper hand and your control of the situation not only makes you feel better, it makes you look more professional.

Don’t just be waiting for them to stop talking so you can download the information you called to give them. Instead, ask questions, give the impression that you’re qualifying them (which you should be). They’ll find your business more appealing (trust me on this one), and they’ll find your approach refreshing. And, that will very likely draw them closer to wanting to learn about what you do, and how.

Remember too, whatever you do that moves your business forward when you’re talking to a potential business partner trains that person. So, if they did join you at some point, you would have been setting an example.

Taking the Low-Key Question Asking approach might just be something they feel comfortable with and that makes an easy transition for them to be able to see themselves doing what you do!

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