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Do you know exactly when you’re going to work? Do you put it in your calendar each week? (Please, say yes!) if you answered yes, good for you. Great job.  The question to ask yourself now is, “How many in your downline do?”

If you are not already an ‘upline,’ (you’re new and/or you haven’t recruited any partners yet) you will be.  So, wear two hats as you read this article.  Obviously, you need to understand how to implement what you learn here and translate it into your daily business practice.  However, in addition to you learning the steps for yourself, you also want to take what you learn to your group.

There is a huge advantage to having everyone on the team participating in the same training.  Everyone develops the same skills and practices the same techniques.  Putting all of this together on the same team ultimately develops a tight professional team that functions effectively and grows big paychecks.

Offer — Don’t Tell

Do you like to be ‘told’ what to do?  No, of course not.  Most of us objected strongly at two years old to being told what to do and we don’t get any better as we get older.  And rightly so!

We do our coaching best when we ‘offer’ what we think are great tools and skills.  Then we use examples that people can identify with to influence and motivate them to our thinking.  When people see the benefit to them of a ‘new way’ they are much more open to trying something new than if they are just told what to do.

So, even if someone keeps a great calendar and doesn’t need you to show them how. Calendar chaos, which translates into time chaos is the kiss of death for a business.

The majority of people who get into business with you will not come with hours and hours of time on their hands.  If you want your new partner to be successful they must carve out time for their new business.  Most people ‘don’t have enough time’ because they do not know how to prioritize or set boundaries.  Help them make time their friend, instead of something they never have enough of.

Getting Family on Board

Ever run across someone who has a family member or partner that puts down multi-level marketing?  Or, have you or anyone in your downline experienced a family member that thinks you work too hard and long for what you get?

Maybe some of them are concerned about the money you’re spending while you build your business foundation?  Maybe a family member is concerned that business building time takes away from family time.  This makes things tough to say the least.  We want everyone to like what we’re doing!

But “like” has little or nothing to do with it.  What the people around us need to do is ‘respect’ what we do.  Again, all you need to do is set the foundation for your new partners when you sponsor them.


Respect is easy to get.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem like that, but it is.  You simply need to do what you say you’re going to do each day you work.  You need to respect your network marketing business as a business, in a no-nonsense way.  Then, others will start doing the same.  Think about that a minute.

If you treat your business like a business, show up and go to work when you say you’re going to – and leave it when you say you’re going to (yes, walk away from it)  –  how do you think it will change the dynamic at home?

Give yourself permission to eat, sleep, and breathe your business, but…on the back burner.  If you can’t turn business off, make a recording, or take notes about what’s on your mind. Then, let go of it, and deal with it the next day.

In the morning, you can make headway on the ideas you had at night. This is a great way to allow your business percolate on the back burner, but also go and do what you need (and want) to do. It is possible to create balance AND big checks. You can have a GREAT life today while you build your business.  YOU CAN HAVE BOTH – REALLY!

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