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You’ve no doubt heard the cliché – we were given two ears and one mouth because we should listen twice as much as we talk…

Do you know that the people most of us like best are the ones who ask us about ourselves? Who really listen to what we have to say?

I find that in MLM, Network Marketing and Direct Sales, especially when people get nervous or are a bit intimidated, they tend to talk more than they listen. When you’re new to the business, or new to recruiting, it’s too easy to fall into the “talk too much” trap. If you develop your ability to listen more and ask questions, you’ll increase your income.

That’s actually true no matter what business you’re in. In MLM, our job is to communicate, and tell people about our business. It’s easy to get so caught up in delivering the message you can forget to ask qualifying questions to discover why they’re looking or what they might be looking for.

Try a few of these questions, and see if you don’t get further with your prospects:

If there was one thing you could change about your current financial situation, what would that be?

What would your ideal workday look like?

Could you see yourself working like that (like the ideal day)?

Why don’t you work like that now?

Do you keep your options open?

If something came along that would allow you to achieve that ideal situation would you look at it?

What would you do differently if you had an extra $1-2 thousand dollars every month?

How would that impact you (or your family?)

You don’t need to ask every question in every situation, but picking and choosing key questions, will move your agenda that much further forward.

Listen to their answers and don’t jump in right away with your solution. Try instead to respond with: That’s interesting – tell me more about that.

Asking these kinds of questions help people remember why they’re interested in a business. While that may seem obvious, our natural tendency (as in: THEIR natural tendency) is to be a bit defensive with strangers, especially if we perceive they’re trying to sell us something, or convince us of something.

Remember too, when you’re talking to a potential business partner, you’re training them. If they do join you at some point, you’re setting an example.

Taking the Low-Key Question Asking approach might just be something they feel comfortable with and that makes an easy transition for them to be able to see themselves doing what you do!

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October 25, 2016 Category: Business Opportunity Leads, Home Based Business Leads, Identifying an ideal Home Business, MLM Leads, MLM Success Tips, MLM/Home Business Training, PhoneBurner, Tax Advice for Home Businesses

OK, this is the second time I’ve said this to you this month: MLM is the business model everyone loves to hate. You’ve felt it in one way or another. You’ve thought it yourself, or you’ve heard other people make nasty comments.

I heard one just the other day, tossed off casually by someone who had just decided the whole thing was Mickey Mouse, amateur-ish. He didn’t know who he was sitting next to! I very politely leaned over and asked him “did you have a bad experience with an MLM company?”

Nope. He didn’t. But he had heard….you know where this is going. As a proud ambassador for the industry, I explained how the business model works and why it was so smart and sensible. He raised an eyebrow, nodded his head and at the end said “Wow, I never realized how it works – thanks for taking the time to explain.”

I think there are conversations like that waiting to be had for you! It’s a question of finding what you believe in, what you admire and love about the business model and telling yourself – and others – exactly what that is.

A wise older gentleman I greatly respect has taught his employees, his family and his friends (who would listen!) about Positive Mental Attitude. They call him the PMA man and each has a story about how his words impacted their lives.

His belief is that you have to create your own reality. Henry Ford is famously quoted as saying: “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” Same idea. It may sound trite, or corny, even played out.

The truth is simple. It’s up to you. How your business works, whether it works, how long it takes. I don’t mean to minimize how you feel. It’s not easy. Hey, if it was, everyone would be building a successful business. Most are not. Make yourself stand out by taking a stand for what you believe in.

  • Focus on your view of MLM reality and share that with those who will listen

Talk to enough people and you’ll find those who agree

  • Achieve success by working with those who share your vision and are willing to go out and do something about it
  • Get results by making up your mind to be persistent
  • Never back down on your goals – you owe it to yourself to be successful

Remember, if you can make $100 in your business, you can make $100,000. It’s a question of repeating the actions that earned you the $100.

You must be true to yourself and become successful. In spite of other people. Let me say that again – IN SPITE OF OTHER PEOPLE. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, or does, or doesn’t do. Stay true to your mission and what you believe in and you’ll be successful. It doesn’t have to easy, it just has to be worth it.

What could be more worthwhile than building a solid MLM business that gives you freedom, confidence and choice? Go get ‘em.

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October 17, 2016 Category: Business Opportunity Leads, Home Based Business Leads, Identifying an ideal Home Business, MLM Leads, MLM Success Tips, MLM/Home Business Training, PhoneBurner, Tax Advice for Home Businesses

In our last article Is Your Business Vision Helping or Hurting You? I promised I would unpack the “money and goals issue” we all face in MLM.

I talked about making a first goal you can easily wrap your mind around, as opposed to something so big (and something you’ve never done before – or even come close to) that it’s completely abstract – almost a fantasy.

Choose something really tangible, like covering your monthly mortgage or rent payment. There’s an important subconscious element at play. If your subconscious mind can accept the amount you’ve decided to shoot for, it becomes easier to do. If it seems outrageous, it stays in that zone, and never gets accomplished.

Here’s the incredible news: getting to that mortgage payment on a consistent basis is the stepping stone to making ANY amount of money you want with your business.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at How the Money Works

In MLM it’s actually easier to get from $2 thousand dollars in earnings in a month to $5 thousand a month than it is to get to the $2 thousand month the first time. It’s also easier to get from $5 thousand to $10 thousand or more than it is to get to that first $2 thousand. Sound crazy?

Let’s do a breakdown and see…

Consider this. When you start – brand new – you don’t much about how the business works or how to reach your financial goals. That means you need to take a learning curve. We love that you can earn while you learn in MLM, but it takes some time to build the skills you need to make it work. And, you must take the skill building very seriously. Look, nothing has this much money and doesn’t require some heavy lifting. It’s not easy. So what!?

You need to take a learning curve on the early side of your business. There’s just no way around that. Even if you’ve been in the industry before, technology changes, how we do business changes and you still need to learn about your products and services, and how the company culture works.

Let’s choose a round number and say your mortgage (and your goal) is $2000/month. To get there, you’ve first got to earn $100, then $1000. Obvious, I know. But here’s the KEY: to earn $1000 you will have learned most of the skills needed to earn $10,000!

Most people get frustrated, thinking they should be making money quickly. You’d never expect that in any other business or profession, but you think MLM should be somehow hydraulic. It is – but first you must build a team. Building the team to the $1000/month mark PROVES you can build. Now, you just have to scale.

Yes, it’s that simple. The key take-away is pretty simple: you need to be patient enough to develop the skills to pay your mortgage. Multiply that and you can live any lifestyle you want – it just a matter of time. I challenge you to show me any other business where this equation works for anyone with a little grit and determination. MLM Rocks! Don’t forget it. Stand proud, defend your industry and you’ll be on your way to owning your life, and your time – in style if you choose.

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October 12, 2016 Category: Business Opportunity Leads, Home Based Business Leads, Identifying an ideal Home Business, MLM Leads, MLM Success Tips, MLM/Home Business Training, PhoneBurner, Tax Advice for Home Businesses

I’ll never forget the downline team member I trained years ago. Early in the conversation I always asked people about their financial goals and what they were hoping to accomplish with their business.

This woman was very enthusiastic and she said wanted to make $250,000 her first year. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard a big number. In the early days, I’d write down their goals to discuss later, but I’d just keep moving on with the training.

After I became more experienced, I added another question of anyone who stated a big financial goal. I’d ask them if they ever made that kind of money before. Often they’d say they hadn’t. I learned to dig deeper.

It was bold, but I asked this particular woman: What is the most money you’ve ever made in a year? Her answer? $25,000. OK. I asked her what her plan was to make ten times the largest amount she had ever made.

She didn’t know. That seemed fair. After all she was new to the business. Since she wasn’t a direct recruit, her sponsor was on the training call too. I would typically check in with both of them on another group call in the new person’s third week.

When that call came, the woman told us she was quitting. She told us it had been three weeks and she hadn’t made much money and she didn’t see how this could possibly work!

We’d argue that it’s good to get out of your comfort zone. However, when you choose a financial goal so far out of your comfort that you don’t believe it’s possible, it’s really not a goal, it’s a fantasy. I’ve seen way too many people drop out of the business because they’ve set unrealistic goals they don’t actually believe in.

How about a goal of replacing your income to start? Or how about making enough to cover a certain recurring expense, then adding more? Say you make a goal to make enough money to pay your housing costs (mortgage or rent). That would be a significant achievement.

It’s not abstract, so you can wrap your mind around it. How would you feel if your mortgage was covered every month OUTSIDE your current budget? Pretty great, I’m guessing.

Next week we’ll unpack the money and goals issue and tell you why making enough money to pay your mortgage is a huge step on the way to earning ANY amount you desire.

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October 5, 2016 Category: Business Opportunity Leads, Home Based Business Leads, Identifying an ideal Home Business, MLM Leads, MLM Success Tips, MLM/Home Business Training, PhoneBurner, Tax Advice for Home Businesses

If you’ve been following us, you may be familiar with our expression “MLM, network marketing and direct sales are the business models everyone loves to hate.”

How do you handle that challenge when your success depends on talking about the business model to prospects?

Let me ask you: How do you react when someone asks you about the business model? Or, when they dismiss your offer without giving you the time to explain, thinking they already know all they need to know.


That’s where you come in – it’s also where recruiting gets REALLY interesting. When you confidently master speaking about the business model, your business changes, forever.

You already know it’s difficult to talk about something with confidence, unless you genuinely believe in it yourself.

How The Leaders Do It

Do you ever listen to how the leaders in your company talk about the business? They sound sure of themselves and exude confidence and certainty. It’s easy to assume they talk and feel that way because of their success. Sure, if you’re making in a month what someone else makes in a year, it’s easy to be confident, right?

Hell yeah. And…

I assure you, they had that confidence in the early days and that’s how they go to where they are today. So how do you get the confidence without faking it?

You Must Find Your Truth, and Tell it

Take a look at our article archives to find some great reason to believe in the MLM business model. Using those, or anything else, find what really speaks to you. Put together a short statement, refine it until it sounds like you, and then repeat it. Over and over.  To yourself in the mirror, to your kids, your spouse, your cat and your dog. Say it so many times that it comes naturally to you.

Then tell it! Talk to prospects, talk to other business partners. Become an advocate for your view of our business model. This one action will do so much for you.

It will:

  • Grow your confidence
  • Build your belief
  • Attract great business partners

When you don’t have a statement like this and talk to prospects, you sound uncertain and people don’t get into business with uncertainty.

When you DO have a statement you can use, you can talk with authority and that impresses people.

Whenever anyone has negative things to say about your business model, you defend it. Not by being defensive, but rather, by being sure. As a wise 92-year-old business person said to me recently: say what you believe often enough and it becomes your reality.

Life is too short to compromise your integrity and to say things you don’t really believe. That’s why it’s critical to find what you do believe and say it loud, and proud and oftenhy it’s critical to find what you do believe and say it loud, and proud and often.
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September 26, 2016 Category: Business Opportunity Leads, Home Based Business Leads, Identifying an ideal Home Business, MLM Leads, MLM Success Tips, MLM/Home Business Training, PhoneBurner, Tax Advice for Home Businesses

The debate’s been going on for years – lead with your business or lead with your product? I’ve heard impassioned arguments for both, so what’s the answer? Does it depend on the company? On the person who’s asking or the person being asked?

If you approach the question from a business perspective, you might ask which is more financially productive? Let’s unpack this a bit. (Please insert service for product if that’s relevant for you – the argument remains the same).

The company you represent makes money when product is moved. You also make money when product is moved. So, product drives the machine. If no value is being exchanged, there’s no business. Yet, our business model is built on the assumption that we have a network of distributors, each with their own network of customers.

The more people in your network of business people, the more people there are talking about the products you represent, hence more product is being moved. It stands to reason then you want to build an ‘army’ of representatives, to move the most product.

I’ve always believed that if you lead with the business, you can default to the product, much more easily than you can the reverse. Think about it for a moment. Say I talk to you about an incredible supplement that’s delivered fantastic results for people. I fill in all the details and you say, “hmmm, that sounds like something I’d really like to try.”

Score. I’ve got an interested customer.

Now, is it at all logical to follow with: “great, so would you like to start a business and make money telling other people about XYZ?” It comes completely out of left field. Liking a product and starting a business are two very different, disconnected concepts. As my friend Sharon used to say “It’s like going to the car dealer to look at cars and they try and sell you the showroom…”

If I approach you with the business – you’re either interested in an opportunity or you aren’t. To share the business concept, I’ve of course talked about the products, the integrity of the company, how the concept came to be. You’ve got the big picture, but you say to me “you know, I have so much on my plate right now, I don’t have time to throw a dinner party, never mind start a business.”

It makes perfect sense then, for me to say to you “I get it – life can get crazy sometimes. But, you know, XYZ will really help with your energy, why not give it a try…” More natural and makes more sense, doesn’t it?

If you lead with the business, you can default to the product. And, many a leader will tell you that leading with the product (or service!) builds hobby money, but leading with the business is what creates wealth.

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September 19, 2016 Category: Business Opportunity Leads, Home Based Business Leads, Identifying an ideal Home Business, MLM Leads, MLM Success Tips, MLM/Home Business Training, PhoneBurner, Tax Advice for Home Businesses

Think back to when you first wrapped your mind around the MLM concept and felt that little spark of hope and excitement. Let’s throw fuel on that spark and light a fire!

Our business model is getting more and more positive press. As the way society works shifts and expectations of what ‘work looks like’ changes, people are searching for alternatives to traditional employment and – in parallel – network marketing companies are becoming more sophisticated. MLM companies around the globe are coming into their own as major players on the stage of world business.

As companies become more sophisticated and streamlined, they’re attracting more experienced business people and all of these factors are fostering more respect for our brilliant industry. Finally, respect for the model where ambition is more valued than background, and success can be written on your own terms.

“Mad Money” market guru Jim Cramer told his CNBC viewers “It’s time we recognize that the direct sales model works, and it works well.”

The New Main Street supplement to the Wall Street Journal, reported double digit sales growth by a full one third of direct selling companies, resulting in $167 billion dollars in sales by 89.7 million representatives!

Direct Selling News reports that “direct selling is a bonanza in developing countries. Many of these economies are expanding and their appetite for consumer goods grow and previously underemployed women – who have historically been the foundation of many direct sales organizations are prospering, thanks to newfound economic opportunities.”

They also report how technology is changing the entire landscape of our industry. Apps, and the prevalence of devices allows distributors to prospect, train and support their teams in new, highly effective ways.

Mass communication allows independent reps to tell their story more effectively, and more often. It allows companies to pay commissions more quickly and allows everyone to connect with and care for customers more easily. As more social relationships are conducted online, reaching more people has become easier than ever. Direct selling is the ultimate social selling model, and technology is redefining the general perception of the entire industry.

As the image of the industry changes, and perceptions change too, more and more well-known and respected financial advisors are recommending MLM, direct sales and network marketing as a viable alternative that only offers great products and opportunity. The industry is also becoming recognized as providing work and life balance, business ownership and personal development.

The added benefit that doesn’t get much press is getting to spend your time with ambitious, motivated, entrepreneurial people. You’ll make the best friends you’ll find anywhere when you participate in the business model that’s all about helping people get ahead. If you ever wanted to find a business where you could do well, by doing good, you’ve arrived.

Be proud of your business, your company and your decision to change your life. There are SO many reasons to be proud of what you’ve chosen. Use these facts – share with the next person you talk to about becoming a partner.

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September 12, 2016 Category: Business Opportunity Leads, Home Based Business Leads, Identifying an ideal Home Business, MLM Leads, MLM Success Tips, MLM/Home Business Training, PhoneBurner, Tax Advice for Home Businesses

We talk a lot about being coachable in MLM. What does it really mean and how can you be an effective coach?

At every stage of your network marketing career – even when you’re new in the business, you’re called on to coach and advise your brand new team members. You probably feel a sense of responsibility, and maybe a sense of relief. Admit it, the relief comes from having something else to do besides prospect!

Have you seen – or experienced this before? You get a new builder signed up. You’re excited. And, sometimes it’s been a long process and you’re relieved the prospecting portion has ended and the business building journey can begin.

What do you tell your new person to do?

Do you have a set plan for them to follow? Daily tasks to accomplish? Whether you’re new or have been around for a while, you may feel you need to have achieved a certain level of success to mentor others.

You worry if they follow your path they might not get everything they need, or realize huge success. Maybe they’re someone who’s been more successful than you and you’re not sure what value you can offer.

STOP. RIGHT. THERE. Don’t second guess yourself. Let me remind you this is a business of duplication. It’s not about what you’ve accomplished, or how much money you’ve made. Getting a new partner started is about following a plan.

You may not like this next part, but please, be truthful with yourself in answering this question: if everyone on your team (or your team to be) did exactly what you’ve done in your business in the last month, would you be thrilled or mortified?

If you’re not doing much – mortified. If you’re working your tail off – thrilled. See where I’m going here? You have to ROLE MODEL the behavior you want to see repeated. People do what you do, not what you say. Every time. If you have kids, check it out – they demonstrate the principal very obviously.

That means you want to be “AT” the activities you want to see repeated. And, consider that people are used to receiving directions. Most of us are used to jobs, where someone shows you the ropes, and tells you what’s expected of you.

You can do the exact same thing. People aren’t looking at what you’ve achieved so much as they’re thinking about what you can help them achieve. Lock onto a plan –either provided by your company or your upline team and follow it to a “T.”

Sure, you might be nervous the first time or two, but you’ll relax and grow confident as you see how your new partners are not only excited to have a plan to follow, they actually achieve success because you had the courage to lead.

Be bold. You have nothing to lose and a lucrative business to gain. Here’s to you!

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March 14, 2016 Category: Business Opportunity Leads, Home Based Business Leads, Identifying an ideal Home Business, MLM Leads, MLM Success Tips, MLM/Home Business Training, PhoneBurner

Our experience over the years has revealed most successful business builders have three or four active legs. The majority of their team and income comes from those legs.

You must recruit, train and cultivate success in enough partners so that ultimately you’ll find 3 or 4 who have your level of ambition, stick-to-it-iveness and motivation. Be warned: you might have to recruit 50 or 100 or more to find those 3 or 4 over time.

Decide right now that it doesn’t matter how long it takes. If you knew for sure that if you recruited 150 people you’d find 3 or 4 who would set you free financially – even it took 5-7 years, would you do it? You’d be crazy not to.

If you accept that equation and get on with the work, you can change your life in remarkable ways. And, in much less time that it would take in almost any other business.

Finding Your Three or Four Key People

Your biggest task in building a successful career in your multi-level marketing business is sharing your business with others until you find those 3-4 builders. And, I don’t mean 3-4 recruits. I mean people who over the course of time build a team. Not promise they will, or think about building, but PEOPLE WHO BUILD and prove themselves.

Imagine you’re a talent scout, searching for those three or four builders. Accept it may take some years to find them. So what? How long it takes is irrelevant in the overall picture. When you achieve your financial goals will your new home be less meaningful because it took 4 years to accomplish instead of 2? NO.

It won’t take you anywhere near the time to build it that it would take in any other career with this much financial potential. Focus and do what you need to in order to learn the necessary skills, practice and improve them.

And yes, there are skills to build if you want to get to big money. Just like with any other career or profession. If you want to make hobby money, you can get by without much improvement. If you want career level income, or millionaire level income then you must approach this like you would any major career move.

To make the kind of money available in our industry and to enjoy the financial freedom it promises; is worth every person that you talk to and all the time that it takes to get the job done. Remember, to get to YES you must hear NO. If you accept that you NOs are good, you’ll learn to thank the people who say NO – they bring you closer to the YESes.

MLM is serious business and like everything else in life, anything worthwhile takes some time and effort.

A Calling Buddy Makes Your Life Easier and Your Bank Account Bigger

I want to introduce a concept I’ll expand on next week. You know how challenging it can be to pick up the phone and make your calls. Everything else suddenly seems more appealing.

Find someone – on your team, or crossline, upline, downline, what matters most is they have similar goals and determination. You’ll book time to call together, building accountability and support into your recruiting. Next week I’ll share an exact formula for working together. The formula is proven, it works to build your confidence, your recruiting skills, and ultimately, your paycheck.

Details coming in next week’s post. You’ll love this one – stay tuned….

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May 13, 2011 Category: Business Opportunity Leads, Home Based Business Leads, MLM Leads, MLM Success Tips, MLM/Home Business Training, PhoneBurner

Do you often wonder why some entrepreneurs make millions while others are never able to build their businesses?

The answer to your question is one simple word “leads”! The successful entrepreneur has access to responsive leads and he/she has tools available to connect to these leads/prospects quickly and efficiently. (more…)

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