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You’ve undoubtedly heard at some point that duplication is a critical piece in the network marketing success equation. The most difficult part of creating duplication on your team is getting clear about what you are trying to duplicate.

Often, we try really hard to get people to be just like us.  We want them to work the hours we think they should work.  We want them to sound and look like us.  But the fascinating thing about people is although we share lots of things in common, we are all different.

And, most entrepreneurs are known for being strong individuals, mavericks who have their own ideas about how things ought to be done.  Getting them to be like you is probably going to be difficult, and isn’t the best idea anyway.

In fact, you don’t want to clone yourself.  Quite the contrary.   you’re looking for independent business owners, not dependent or robotic clones.  Your job as sponsor is to foster leaders on your team, not followers.  All that said, yes, duplication is necessary if you’re going to get real and sustainable growth on your team.

Fortunately, the real key to duplication in your business is not that people be like you, but rather they use the same proven working systems you do.

That could be the end of this article.  Use the same systems.

Because outside of the step-by-step process of HOW you build your business, there may be little you have in common with the person you’re training.  Again, you do not want them to be your clone.

You want them to implement your systems so everyone is on the same page and everyone’s business thrives.  Of course, the trick is getting people to use your systems.

How do you do it?  Let’s start with a good working definition of what duplication or replication means.

Replication in science experiments is about getting the same results.  But teams that do the experiments don’t necessarily look alike.  One team could be much friendlier with each other and another more formal.

Some could work more hours each day than the other team, or start earlier or later.  But what each of these scientific teams do when they are working is use the same scientific process.

Necessary Ingredients to Duplicate Your Systems (Your Scientific Process)

Your recruit should:

(1)  Know Who They are Going to Speak With -  in other words who are they going to pick up the phone and talk to TODAY.

(2)  Have Clarity of Task – It’s your job to make sure – sure – they understand exactly what they are to do.  For example, if they are about to call people you want to role play with them to make sure they’ve had a good dry run of what they are going to say.  It is NOT enough for them to tell you about it.  Role Play.

(3)  Know When the Task is to be Performed – All your recruits need to work from a calendar and know when they are going to do the task or event, i.e., a bona fide allotted time in their calendar.  During the baby’s nap or after lunch or Monday afternoon is not a time on my clock.  I’m sure it’s not a time on yours either.  And all too often it’s not a time on theirs and the task doesn’t get completed.

(4)  Be Absolutely Sure that the Person they are Talking to Knows Exactly what they are to do and when they are to do it.  Exactly.  When someone doesn’t know what to do, what do they usually do?  Right.  Nothing.

(5)  Have an Appointment to Check in With You – After the call or event happens you want an appointment with your recruit to call YOU (KEY POINT: you don’t call them, they call you).  That call is a firm appointment, i.e., at an agreed upon appointed time to go over how the particular task went.

These steps make sure your new recruit knows what to do, when they are to do it and then gives you a firm follow up to stay in the loop so you don’t have to guess what’s going on.  That’s duplication.  Next week, in Part Two, we’ll discuss your systems and what you are actually getting people to duplicate.

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You’ve no doubt heard the cliché – we were given two ears and one mouth because we should listen twice as much as we talk…

Are you guilty of talking more than you listen? Social scientists tell us that whether or not we want to admit it, the truth for most of us is we are our own favorite subject, topic and point of interest.

And, funnily enough, research reveals that the people most of us like best are the ones who ask us about ourselves. The people who listen to what we have to say. We find that in networking, especially when people get nervous or are a bit intimidated, they tend to talk more than they listen. If you can develop your ability to listen and ask questions, you’ll increase your income.

That’s true no matter what business you’re in. However, in network marketing, people often have the goal of communicating their concept and they get so caught up in delivering the message that they can forget to spend time asking the qualifying questions.

You want to spend a little time to warm up your prospects – get to know them a bit, and understand what makes them tick, what they might be looking for, or might be interested in looking at.

Try a few of these questions, and see if you don’t get further with your prospects:

If there was one thing you could change about your current financial situation, what would that be?

What would your ideal workplace be?

What would your ideal workday look like?

Could you see yourself working like that?

Do you keep your options open? If something came along that would allow you to achieve that ideal situation would you look at it?

What would you do differently if you had an extra $1-2 thousand dollars every month?

How would that impact you (or your family?)

Listen to the answers and don’t jump in right away with the solution. Try instead to respond with: That’s interesting – tell me more about that. Or: Thanks for telling me that – I’m trying to learn more about what’s important to people who are looking for a home-based business.

Then, after you get a sense of whether they might be a fit, and someone you’d want to work with, tell them about your opportunity. This gives you the upper hand and your control of the situation not only makes you feel better, it makes you look more professional.

Don’t just be waiting for them to stop talking so you can download the information you called to give them. Instead, ask questions, give the impression that you’re qualifying them (which you should be). They’ll find your business more appealing (trust me on this one), and they’ll find your approach refreshing. And, that will very likely draw them closer to wanting to learn about what you do, and how.

Remember too, whatever you do that moves your business forward when you’re talking to a potential business partner trains that person. So, if they did join you at some point, you would have been setting an example.

Taking the Low-Key Question Asking approach might just be something they feel comfortable with and that makes an easy transition for them to be able to see themselves doing what you do!

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January 4, 2017 Category: Business Opportunity Leads, Home Based Business Leads, Identifying an ideal Home Business, MLM Leads, MLM Success Tips, MLM/Home Business Training, PhoneBurner, Tax Advice for Home Businesses

Do you know exactly when you’re going to work? Do you put it in your calendar each week? (Please, say yes!) if you answered yes, good for you. Great job.  The question to ask yourself now is, “How many in your downline do?”

If you are not already an ‘upline,’ (you’re new and/or you haven’t recruited any partners yet) you will be.  So, wear two hats as you read this article.  Obviously, you need to understand how to implement what you learn here and translate it into your daily business practice.  However, in addition to you learning the steps for yourself, you also want to take what you learn to your group.

There is a huge advantage to having everyone on the team participating in the same training.  Everyone develops the same skills and practices the same techniques.  Putting all of this together on the same team ultimately develops a tight professional team that functions effectively and grows big paychecks.

Offer — Don’t Tell

Do you like to be ‘told’ what to do?  No, of course not.  Most of us objected strongly at two years old to being told what to do and we don’t get any better as we get older.  And rightly so!

We do our coaching best when we ‘offer’ what we think are great tools and skills.  Then we use examples that people can identify with to influence and motivate them to our thinking.  When people see the benefit to them of a ‘new way’ they are much more open to trying something new than if they are just told what to do.

So, even if someone keeps a great calendar and doesn’t need you to show them how. Calendar chaos, which translates into time chaos is the kiss of death for a business.

The majority of people who get into business with you will not come with hours and hours of time on their hands.  If you want your new partner to be successful they must carve out time for their new business.  Most people ‘don’t have enough time’ because they do not know how to prioritize or set boundaries.  Help them make time their friend, instead of something they never have enough of.

Getting Family on Board

Ever run across someone who has a family member or partner that puts down multi-level marketing?  Or, have you or anyone in your downline experienced a family member that thinks you work too hard and long for what you get?

Maybe some of them are concerned about the money you’re spending while you build your business foundation?  Maybe a family member is concerned that business building time takes away from family time.  This makes things tough to say the least.  We want everyone to like what we’re doing!

But “like” has little or nothing to do with it.  What the people around us need to do is ‘respect’ what we do.  Again, all you need to do is set the foundation for your new partners when you sponsor them.


Respect is easy to get.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem like that, but it is.  You simply need to do what you say you’re going to do each day you work.  You need to respect your network marketing business as a business, in a no-nonsense way.  Then, others will start doing the same.  Think about that a minute.

If you treat your business like a business, show up and go to work when you say you’re going to – and leave it when you say you’re going to (yes, walk away from it)  –  how do you think it will change the dynamic at home?

Give yourself permission to eat, sleep, and breathe your business, but…on the back burner.  If you can’t turn business off, make a recording, or take notes about what’s on your mind. Then, let go of it, and deal with it the next day.

In the morning, you can make headway on the ideas you had at night. This is a great way to allow your business percolate on the back burner, but also go and do what you need (and want) to do. It is possible to create balance AND big checks. You can have a GREAT life today while you build your business.  YOU CAN HAVE BOTH – REALLY!

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December 29, 2016 Category: Business Opportunity Leads, Home Based Business Leads, Identifying an ideal Home Business, MLM Leads, MLM Success Tips, MLM/Home Business Training, PhoneBurner, Tax Advice for Home Businesses

Your MLM business is a powerful vehicle for changing your life and the lives of people your business will touch. Multi-level marketing is more than just a good idea; it’s a proven and powerful business model that can allow you to live your dreams.

As we wrap up the year, it’s a perfect time to tune into what your dreams are – your real dreams, what you want in your heart of hearts.  As children, we allow ourselves to dream without limit, of what we’d like to ‘be’, how we’d like to live, what our ideal lives will look like.

As we get older and join ‘the real adult world’ we’re told that dreamers are impractical – they have their heads in the clouds and they’re often told to buckle down and get responsible – as if having exactly what you want isn’t responsible…

The best way to show up in the world is exactly the way you dream of being. Do you long for time freedom? Financial freedom? Do you want to give to your community or the causes that are important to you? Would helping others make you feel great? Do you dream of travel? Material possessions and comfort? Your MLM business can make all those things possible and make your dreams come true.

We’re asking you to dream – to dream about what you want your life to look like.  Your first assignment is to take some time – undisturbed – and allow yourself to think about just what you do if you could call ALL your own shots.  Then take the time to write it down and acknowledge all that you want in your life. This is just for you – don’t hold back, write freely, dream freely.

Why is this so important?  What does it have to do with the practicalities of starting a business?  The more deeply you are attached to what you truly want in life and the more quickly you come to understand that you can have it. As you dream, your subconscious mind accepts your dreams as reality.

Years of study has proven that people who know what they want are more likely to get it.  We already know that you can achieve ANY level of financial success you desire with your MLM business.  The business model is proven.  Now we bring your dream, your vision to the table to make what you want from life a reality.

Most successful people (start asking people at company events if they’ve done this) create a vision board. It’s fun, doesn’t take long and works to train you subconscious mind – programming you for success. Your second assignment is to read over your dream list.

Next, take a stack of magazines and cut out pictures that represent things you want to do, be or have. Arrange them, paste them on a piece of cardboard and put it somewhere you’ll see it every single day.

What comes into your life from taking this one simple step might just shock you. If you don’t believe it, how about doing it anyway, just to prove me wrong? I encourage you to make this a must do experience for you and anyone on your team who’s willing. If you live near each other, make it a fun Saturday afternoon. It’s life changing and simple. And, here’s to your amazingly successful 2017!

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December 20, 2016 Category: Business Opportunity Leads, Home Based Business Leads, Identifying an ideal Home Business, MLM Leads, MLM Success Tips, MLM/Home Business Training, PhoneBurner, Tax Advice for Home Businesses

The ultimate purpose of knowing your numbers is to know how to make money from your comp plan, set goals and create a plan to reach them.  Say you have a goal of generating $5 thousand per month in income.  Start by figuring out exactly how to earn $500 each month, then $1000 each month and find out exactly what it takes you to achieve the goal. You then have a formula you can build on.

Most comp plans have two elements – money you generate from customers and money you generate from recruiting business builders. To make long-term income and almost always, to make bigger income, you need to build a team.  A team offers you leverage and leverage is one of the biggest reasons to be involved in a multi-level marketing business.

Leverage allows you to get paid a percentage on the efforts of many people, as opposed to getting paid for just your own efforts.  Obviously, to get paid on the efforts of others, you need to build a team.  We love to quote John Paul Getty, who was the richest man in his time who famously said: “I’d rather have one percent of the effort of 100 people than 100 percent of my own”.  That’s what you’re going for.

To get there, you need a roadmap or a blueprint and that’s what your number give you.  You begin with the financial goal and then back out your numbers from that goal.  Choose an amount – a reasonable amount per month, not your ultimate goal.  If you’re seasoned and earning a check, choose a financial goal that’s more than you’re earning currently.

Now, you need to know exactly how many people on your team will bring in the desired revenue.  If you don’t know how to figure that out, find someone in your company that understands the comp plan and ask them this: If I want to generate $1000 month in income, how many people do I need to recruit and how many people total do I need on my team?  Every comp plan works differently, but these two factors will play in every time.

Once you know those numbers – let’s say you need to recruit 10 people and they each need to recruit three.  (I’m making this up to demonstrate how you back into activity from your goal number.)

Here’s where your numbers become relevant.  Do you know how many people you have to talk to in order to recruit 10 people?  You must know this.  In order to discover your numbers, you track everything you do. Talk to 100 prospects – it’ll give you a good working sense of your numbers.

From those 100 people that agree to review your information, how many actually look?  How many say no? How many say maybe? How many become product users but not business partners?  How many become business partners?

The business partner number is the one we’re after here.  Say you recruit 10 people out of the hundred you talk to.  Then you know you need to talk to 100 people to recruit ten.  You also know that you’re on track to achieve you goal.  You should also know that if you need 10 people who each need to get three to reach your original goal, you probably need to recruit 20 to get 10 will get the job done.

It’s the way our business model works and the more quickly you accept that and act on it the more quickly you’ll build a big paycheck.  Your job isn’t to recruit and then hope people build a business.  Your job is to recruit until you get the people who DO exactly what is needed.

The old adage: there’s no problem in MLM that can’t be fixed by recruiting is flat out true.  Love it or hate it, it’s how it works. And it works if you do.  Go out and learn your numbers, build your business plan around them and start making serious income in your MLM business.

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December 12, 2016 Category: Business Opportunity Leads, Home Based Business Leads, Identifying an ideal Home Business, MLM Leads, MLM Success Tips, MLM/Home Business Training, PhoneBurner, Tax Advice for Home Businesses

The biggest battle in our lives often goes on between our ears. It’s how human beings are put together. We think, we worry, we doubt ourselves and we experience fear. Those are all normal human emotions – everyone experiences them. You’ve probably heard it said that the people who achieve what they want in life learn to feel the fear and do it anyway.

They believe in themselves and their ideas enough to stick it out – whatever ‘it’ is. There are times when that determination or confidence is borne of need and other times when it’s just a genuine desire to accomplish something. Truth is, it doesn’t matter where the motivation comes from, it just matters that you get it – somehow, from somewhere and you use it.

Sometimes you believe more in an idea than you do in yourself, sometimes it’s the other way around, but as you persist, the balance shifts and your confidence grows. Some people have the good fortune of learning how to manage their emotions early on in life – they have parents or teachers, or someone along the way that understood some of these concepts and shared them with you. Others will have come across these ideas later in life. It doesn’t matter when you ‘get into’ these ideas and concepts, it matters when ‘they get into you’.

You’ve probably heard the expression when the student is ready, the teacher appears. That’s so often true. Success principles have been around a long time and sometimes you can be a student of these ideas and then suddenly one day it all makes sense; it all falls into place. As much as anything, it’s a question of being ready. That’s why it’s important to just keep at it, keep working, keep building, keep learning and keep your focus. Your efforts will bear fruit if you persist.

Understand too, that persistence is a learned skill. Sticking with something because you’ve committed to it, because you believe in it is a worthwhile skill to develop. Quitting is often easier than staying than staying course. All of us, at some point, doubt our abilities, wonder what makes the successful people get where they are and wonder if we’ve got what it takes. That’s OK – don’t doubt yourself for thinking those things on occasion – everyone does.

I want to suggest to you that you commit to yourself, to improving yourself. There are so many great success books and if you choose one – just one – and read it for 10 minutes every day – preferably when you first wake up or before you go to sleep, you will absorb the information and it will become part of you. If you do this for 21 days in a row, you will develop the habit. And, this one habit can change everything for you, forever.

You’ll start to think differently. You’ll question your common reactions, and replace them with positive actions. You’ll build confidence that others will sense and feel. If you stick to it for 42 days, you’ll become a more successful person, without fail.

Consider starting with Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich. It’s easy to read and it’s great for changing your viewpoint, subtly, and permanently. If you want to improve your business, improve your thinking.

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December 5, 2016 Category: Business Opportunity Leads, Home Based Business Leads, Identifying an ideal Home Business, MLM Leads, MLM Success Tips, MLM/Home Business Training, PhoneBurner, Tax Advice for Home Businesses

We all look forward to the holiday season, to spending time with family and friends, nice meals, gifts, excited kids – people are a little more laid back.

How does that impact your business? However you let it!  Here’s the deal.  Building a successful MLM business is all about one thing: continuously filling your ‘pipeline’ with prospects until you grow a team big enough to suit your financial needs. Have you heard it said there is no problem in MLM that can’t be solved by recruiting?  It’s true.

And, while people don’t necessarily make decisions in December, they make RESOLUTOINS in January, so setting prospects up with information in December is ideal.

Here’s the way to handle your holiday season prospecting – fill your pipeline so you land a lot of business when the new year rolls around and people are thinking about how they’ll make 2017 better than 2016. In January, we think about change. Thinking about change is GREAT for your business. It’s time to make new plans.  Time to roll up our sleeves and get back to work.

Plus, people have racked up debt over the holidays and along with the credit card bills comes thoughts like “I don’t want to be in this situation next December, how am I going to change it?”

What does that mean for you?  It means that if you’ve planted a lot of seeds during December, you can harvest the results of your efforts in the new year.  The more people you put in your pipeline during December, the more opportunity you have for those people to say yes and become business partners in January.

Don’t use the “everyone’s busy” excuse (even your own busy-ness). Or, I’ll talk to them in the new year. No. Talk to them now. That way when they start thinking about resolutions, and new ideas, they’ll have a big new idea already in mind.

Make it your goal to talk to as many people as you possibly can. Go on a two-week prospecting marathon. Make twice as many calls. Load your pipeline. Go for the numbers and you’ll have more prospects than you know what to do with.

I’ve always liked the “measured push” approach where you challenged yourself to go full out for a certain period of time. It’s manageable, it has an end point and it gets results. And, if you can get your team members to do the same – WATCH OUT – you’ll all have a killer 2017.

Just do it. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t look for excuses. Everyone’s busy. You’re busy. But, if you want to set yourself up for success, just make the push. You’ll be thanking me. You will. Really!

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November 21, 2016 Category: Business Opportunity Leads, Home Based Business Leads, Identifying an ideal Home Business, MLM Leads, MLM Success Tips, MLM/Home Business Training, PhoneBurner, Tax Advice for Home Businesses

When you’re recruiting for your business, you naturally need to discuss money. Particularly, asking your prospects ‘WHY’ they want more money, or a business.

We don’t talk about money openly. In some situations, it’s considered crass, so it’s not something we’re necessarily used to – in uncomfortable.

You might feel pushy, but more likely, you just don’t feel comfortable asking. Because it feels unnatural, makes sense, right? To be successful in MLM, you need to get comfortable asking, or get slowed W A Y down.

Let’s look at how this often unfolds. You’re talking to a prospect who says they’re looking for more time, or money, or both. Instead, converse with them, open them up by telling them your story. You say: Oh it get it!

I wanted to replace my income so I didn’t have to put my kids in daycare. That was never my first choice, but I had to work – we needed the money in our budget. That’s why I started this business.  What about you, what do you want the extra money to do for you?

It Becomes a Conversation
Now, you’re having a dialogue, just a conversation. You both talk, but you mostly want to listen. Still, you use your story and situation to put them at ease, to open up a bit, to “get” that you’re a regular person, just like they are.

If you’re genuinely interested in people (and you better be if you want to build a successful MLM business), and you can wrap your mind around the idea of having conversations as opposed to talking AT your prospects, it will easier and more relaxed for you – and for them.

You can relax into it, enjoy it. People share the most amazing things with strangers (you!) if you are genuinely engaged and ask good questions.

They Know You’re Interested
When you ask people questions, they sense your interest. When you listen patiently, not rushing ahead to the next question, or your answer, they believe in your interest. Questions show you’re curious, not pushy.

If you can start to think of the recruiting process as an interview, one where you’re trying to find out about the person, you’ll relax into the conversation.

Too often, we pin too much hope on each and every prospecting call. We want new business partners, and so our expectations get out of control. If someone isn’t interested, we worry. Am I saying/doing/thinking the right thing? Am I any good at this? Will it work?

Years ago, I heard something that has stuck with me ever since: If you’re willing to bad at it long enough, you’ll become great at it and you’ll become wealthy in the process. Financial independence is worth working for. In our business, the work is talking to people, making the calls and getting better as you.

It WILL happen for you. Trust the process, and most of all, trust yourself.

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November 15, 2016 Category: Business Opportunity Leads, Home Based Business Leads, Identifying an ideal Home Business, MLM Leads, MLM Success Tips, MLM/Home Business Training, PhoneBurner, Tax Advice for Home Businesses

Most MLM experts agree that recruiting is the lifeblood of your business. If you accept that premise, then the logical next step is getting really good at recruiting!

And, if you’ve read this column before, you know we’re advocates of learning and in that process, figuring out what strengths you possess and which ones you need to learn, or improve.

Too often people get into our business and expect to be an instant expert, or at least pretty damn capable. When you think about it, that’s just not logical. You wouldn’t start any other job or career and expect to automatically “know the ropes.” You’d look to more experienced people to help you get up to speed, learn the shortcuts and then you’d practice.

And, you’d expect to practice. And, you’d expect to get better as you practice. And, you will.

That said, and assuming you’re willing to accept that you need to learn and refine your skills, let’s talk about what you should accomplish in your recruiting.

First, every call must achieve four key things:

  • Establish Purpose
  • Determine if They’re a Valid Prospect
  • Get Their Buy in to Review Information (whatever tool you use, video, website, etc.)
  • Set a CONCRETE Follow Up Time (Tuesday the 13th at 4:30, not just Tuesday and not in a couple of days or next week or tomorrow afternoon.) Being specific is critical

Let’s Take a Closer Look…

When you call a lead, you know you have someone who has expressed interest in a business opportunity. It’s best then, to reiterate that fact with a simple question:

Purpose: Jane, you expressed interest in a home-based business.

Validity: Tell me, what’s got you looking right now?

Then, be quiet and let Jane answer. You may be surprised by how much – or how little – Jane tells you. It’ll give you a sense of who she is and whether she seems like a good people person.

Buy-in: Once you hear about Jane, it’s your turn to give your short, prepared and practiced short overview of what you’re doing, and the company you represent. Once you’ve given your one or two-minute overview (yes, you really should get it this short), you ask Jane: “Does this sound like something you’d like to know more about?”

If she says yes, you explain what you’ll be expecting her to do. For example: “Jane, I have an 18-minute video I’d like you to review. Once you’ve watched it, I’d like us to talk again, answer your questions and see if you want to take next steps. Does that work for you?

HER YES ANSWER IS YOUR BUY IN. If she says no, thank her for her time and make the next dial.

Follow Up: Now, you ask Jane: when will you have 18 minutes in the next day or two to review the video? Get very specific, because you want to follow up as soon as possible. In fact, you want this whole process to happen quickly, so you might even ask her if she can do that right now and you’ll call back in 20 minutes.

Regardless of when she says she can look; you want to make an appointment as close to that time as possible. If she says tomorrow evening, you say: “Great. Can we talk at 8:15 tomorrow night and you can give me your feedback?”

If you repeat this process, every single day you’re working on your business, you’ll fill your pipeline. And, a full pipeline has prospects falling out of the pipeline and into your business. Start dialing!

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November 9, 2016 Category: Business Opportunity Leads, Home Based Business Leads, Identifying an ideal Home Business, MLM Leads, MLM Success Tips, MLM/Home Business Training, PhoneBurner, Tax Advice for Home Businesses

There are so many things we stay busy doing – the things we do instead of ‘getting the job done’.

Instead of engaging in the activities that will actually make you money, do you spend time reading and writing email, attending trainings, hoping to get that one pearl of wisdom? That one gem that will turn things around and help you achieve the success you really long for? Do you ever find yourself reading and listening to endless accounts of other people’s success?

How do you sort out what part of learning and studying and tweaking and adjusting your systems is productive and when is it time to just get out of your own way and get the job done? You reach a point where you have to accept you don’t need to learn more, you need to DO more.

Training and learning, while incredibly important, can lead us to fool ourselves into thinking we’re working and accomplishing something (well, we probably are, but it is the thing that we need to be accomplishing?). Are you hiding behind the training and the learning and the email and the eBooks and the newsletters and the blogs to avoid the scary task of actually putting yourself out there and building business?

So, how do you figure out what’s important, what’s not – and cut through the clutter to figure out what you’re really committed to and what you’re going to do about it?

One thing that’s helpful is accepting some days your business might scare the crap out of you. Just accepting that can be a relief. It doesn’t give you permission to stop producing, but acknowledging how you feel, allows you to decide to just move past it. You can feel scared, and ignore the emotions, stick to your plan.

When I first realized that I didn’t have to let emotion dictate my accomplishments, it was mind blowing. I usually caved to my emotions. When I acknowledged, but chose to ignore the emotions, I felt terrified, but guess what? I got better at feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I got real results, which encouraged me to keep going. Simple, but it was profound. Don’t let emotions rule your business, rely instead on your planning.

It helps to know everyone else is scared too – the people you admire are just better and more experienced at dealing with their fear and getting the job done in spite of it.

For most of us in business, time is our most precious resource and we squander it way too easily – admit it – you do, I do…

If you want to prove it to yourself, make a schedule and time your activities. You’ll find out how long it really takes to do each business task. You’ll be surprised, you might invest more time thinking about some things than they actually take to do…

I believe we mostly know what we need to do, but we trick ourselves into thinking that the ‘other things’ are productive. After all, learning a new method or technique, or finding out how Terry does it will help me to do it better and be as successful as Terry is.

Yes, but you’ve got to find a way to integrate the learning, training and studying into YOUR life and YOUR business to make it pay off for YOU.

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